Mechanical Seals

Sealwise is specialized in mechanical seals we can supply all types of mechanical seals.

- Automotive Water Pump Seals

- PTFE Bellows Seals

- Rubber Bellows Seals

- Pusher Seals

Metal Bellows Seals

Metal bellows seals, METBEL, is one of our famous products that has acquired reputation for reliability and competitiveness. METBEL's product range can cope with all applications below.

- Heavy Duty            - Corrosive                          

- Abrasive                 - High Temperature

- High Pressure      - High Speed

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge Seal is a ready-to-install mechanical seal cartridge. All parts of the mechanical seal form a compact unit together with the shaft sleeve, casing parts, connection flange and torque transmission element. Cartridge seal's benefit is to reduce down-time periods and enables mechanical seals to be installed in hard-to-access place. Seal support system might be needed to control the environment of cartridge seal. Some are listed below.

- Barrier Fluid Reservoir                       - Thermosyphon Vessel

- Pressure Booster                               - Hand Refill Pump

- Circulating Pump                                - Buffer Fluid Unit

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