About Us

Welcome to Sealwise
SEALWISE is an industrial distributor specializing in MECHANICAL SEALS and based in BANGKOK, THAILAND. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products available on the market, coupled with the most COMPETITIVE pricing and fastest DELIVERY in the industry. The primary objective is to satisfy our customers. This is achieved by providing high quality products and service that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our Strategy

Always Available In today’s cost-conscious environment, all process plants are realizing that the management of mechanical seals’ stock and the maintenance of equipment that contains it can lead to significant unit cost reductions.This value-based approach has been incorporated into partnership programs between our client and company. In a partnership agreement, company agrees to stock most.

Our Vision

Sealwise is committed to develop our products and services that reflect the requirements of our customers. We believe that our value-added products and services help to strengthen our customers’ ability to manage their businesses efficiently and profitably by reducing their operating and maintenance cost.